A great BIG thank you to everyone that has entered our exhibition. Eventually most of these pictures will be on view in the gallery...but until then, here they are.


Head over to facebook(Art Studio &Ten2 Gallery in Hinckley) and vote for your favourite. The pictures with the most likes will win prizes donated by Hinckley BID.

Voting in our Virtual Food Exhibition has now ended. Thank you to everybody that viewd and voted - we had almost 16,000 views of the artwork.

and here are the results....

1st Healthy Art Sam Haskins (216)

2nd Ramen in the Autumn Breeze Maja Jani (186)

3rd Cherry Tankard Jackie Ward (101)

Each of these will win a voucher provided by Hinckley BID

4th Whisky Galore Kirsty Hall (94)

5th More Tea Vicar? Kirsty Whitrow (75)

6th Trying to be Good Sue Buswell (62)

7th Fresh Apples Kerry O'Brien (57)

8th Ploughman's Lunch Shirley Simonetti (43)

9th Fish Pie Matilda Lambert (39)

10th Isolation Apple IV Scott Bridgwood (37)

Well done, and don't forget that all those on a 12 x 16 canvas will be exhibited in the gallery when we reopen.

metallica the drinks are on me sonia smi
helen scoffhan
rosie red jane gemmell
the local favourite kirsty scott
the ivy leaf bill holland
the hangover cure rick coiley
sweets cherry jaye
tea for one social isolation jayne parri
sweets sue bibby
sundae julie worthington
start the day well beryl walker
sparkling water alan briggs
seahorse on holiday michele peryer
shrimp on holiday michele peryer
simply oranges jane gemmell
raspberry meringue sue scott
ramen in the autumn breeze maja jani
puttanesca tart's spaghetti keith judkin
ploughman's lunch shirley simonetti
prawn to be wild julia jones
pumkin party louise koro
ploughmans julie grafton reed
pizza rachel rusted
pair of peaches scott bridgwood
octopussy riot rick coiley
More tea Vicar kirsty whitrow
one extra please jackie rudd
muffin tops tracy walker
meringue monologue rose allinson
mavis powell
life is all about bananas sandra smith (
magnum tricia fowler
malcolm miles
last of the summer wine estelle downing.
jam tart heather crick
isolation apples III scott bridgwood
jade mountain kerry obrien
jam first or cream first anne hackett
isolation apples II scott bridgwood
isolation apple scott bridgwood
isolation apple V scott bridgwood
healthy art sam haskins
ice ice baby ellspeth robson
isolation apple IV scott bridgwood
gumbo kurt russell
Glasses abstract2 hamish bowie
gathering of pears sara wykes
fish pie matilda lambert
fresh apples kerry o'brien
fruit saladIsobelle Wilebore
drinks for two shirley simonetti
dexter's daily dosage paul dexter 330
days of the week ruth singleton
chubby childhood karen lawlor
crab on holiday michele peryer
Covid Rations - Jayne Parris[1]
christie glen
cherry tankard jackie ward
cheese on toast evie beasley
Breakfast time kirsty whitrow
cakes cherry jaye
cherry pie kathleen dargue
beer n oysters denise kovarovic
bar meal john biddle
bakewell cherry jaye
afternoon tea jenny rice
afternoon tea helen whitmore
an envy of cakes jan lambert
a piece of cake bill holland
a pie and a pint and a cheese cob  leice
picnic pears ruth medhurst
whiskey galore kirsty hall
trying to be good sue buswell
time for tea sue bibby
time for tea tricia fowler
trout with lemon vaugh hunt